DANCE is a natural order of the universe.
ALCHEMY is a process of purification, transformation and creation.
DANCE is a natural order of the universe.
ALCHEMY is a process of purification, transformation and creation.
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MODULE 2: Intensive Teacher Training 


3-23 August 2019
+ 2 days VIP optional:  24-25 August
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  • 3 weeks of Intensive training organised twice a year in Bali or in Slovenia; includes direct work with Goran Bogdanovski on subjects as Techniques and Modalities of Dance & Contact improvisation, Teaching Methodology, Body-Mind-Emotion Connection, Dance Alchemy, Physiology, Ethics, & Lifestyle, Group Practicum, Teaching Skills, Presentation Skills and Economic Sustainability. 
  •   MODULE 1: Online Teachers Course included! 
  •  Certificate Dance Improvisation Teacher
  •   Earn Affiliate Revenue via Referrals
  • You will gain a new holistic teaching skill set full of ingenious ways to inspire your students/participants/clients so they keep coming back to your classes, sessions, workshops, retreats…
  • Your growth in confidence will enable you to effortlessly guide a sessions that transmits total embodiment of your authentic self and the topics you teach, facilitate… 
  • 70+ different modalities, exercises and tools for Dance & Contact Improvisation that can be done by Any-Body, regardless of dance background, experience and level of understanding dance
  •  Simple 8 step structure to shape, organize and lead your workshops, classes, sessions, retreats…
  •  Applicable in Improvisation practice, Creation, Retreats, Team Building, Personal Growth, Art Therapy…
  •  Teacher Training program is not limited only to dance professionals but everyone invested in personal growth and transformation.
What to expect? 
- 3 weeks of working and simple co-living experience in a close connection with a nature.  As this training has a limited number of places, it allows for a more personable and intimate experience.
- By the end of our work together, you will have gained a new teaching skill set full of ingenious ways to inspire your students/participants/clients so they keep coming back to your classes, sessions, workshops…
- Your growth in confidence will enable you to effortlessly guide a training that transmits total embodiment of your authentic self and the topics you teach.
- You will gain a more hands-on experience in an effective well-rounded class, session or workshop that is in synch with the abilities of your students/participants/clients and the natural cycle of existence.
- We will look at language, at how you communicate (words, energy, emotions...)  when leading your classes, sessions, workshops and examine if this can be developed in a more simple and concrete way.
- Help in shaping and structuring your classes, workshops, programs…
- Connecting with like-minded people in the program. You will be inspired and supported by how other participants teach and receive first hand feedbacks on your teaching and facilitating. 
- You will also receive support and personalised attention throughout the program aimed towards refining your passions and dreams so you can bring them to life!
- You will have access to a constant stream of inspiration, concrete support and honest feedback anytime you need it.
- Step truly into your power to serve your students, clients or your tribe from a place of total dedication and the awareness of how to enhance their relationship to self, dance and creation.
What to learn? 
- How to teach dance without showing the moves, steps and choreographies in a safe, inspiring and intelligent way.
- An in-depth understanding of the Modalities, Exercises and Tools from the Module 1: Online Teachers Training Course. 
- How to lead-teach this modalities and how to upgrade, implement them into your own work. 
- A bunch of new Modalities,  Exercises and Tools that are not included in Module 1. 
- Insight into how Goran Bogdanovski teaches and where the principles came from.
- Foundation exercises introducing the basic concepts of movement improvisation based on things that can be done by ALL participants.
- Ways of creating a safe space for exploration, expression, creation, reflection and sharing.
- Ways of sensing and dealing with expectations, fears and emotions in participants and in yourself as a teacher.
- How to guide people to be aware of their potential through movement and communication.
- How to work with and apply different tools for improvisation and creation to individuals, partners, small and large groups.
- How to adapt your teaching style to the needs and abilities of any given group of participants/students/clients and how to work with various group sizes.
- How to lead the work in self-directing small groups, shape short choreographies or dance pieces.
- How to write about your teaching, how to design simple web sites and how to promote and market your offer to achieve economic sustainability. 
- ...
Sample Daily Schedule for three-week Intensive Teacher Training
Each week will consist of approximately five full days, one half day and one day off. 
The following is the basic schedule that varies slightly to benefit the group and may need to be varied even more 
depending on the dynamics and the needs of the group.
8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am – 1:00 pm: Session 1
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm: Lunch & free
4:00 pm – 7:00 pm: Session 2
8:00 pm: Dinner & free 
For me, teaching dance is its own reward and I am constantly on a learning path. I hope that you will appreciate the enormity of what I have to communicate to you and the years of study it has taken for me to learn the little I know of the art and science of dance improvisation and dance alchemy from my teaching practice and from many teachers, who I am very grateful to. Hopefully, I can cut down the time of your learning although all learning takes time.

While practicing dance is an art that takes dedication, consistency and time to develop, teaching dance requires a far greater level of commitment. Teaching dance requires consistent self-practice, passion, compassion, selflessness and dedication.

By the end of our work together you will be ready to effortlessly guide a training/session/workshop...  that transmits total embodiment of your authentic self and the topics you teach.
Admission rates: MODULE 2 / SLOVENIA 3-23 August 2019
25% discount
2375 eur
1781 eur!
  • 3 weeks of direct work with Goran Bogdanovski
  • Certificate Dance Improvisation or Dance Alchemy Teacher
  • MODULE 1: Online Teachers Course INCLUDED: Video tools library, Community membership & Mentors support 
  •  Simple Accommodation in shared rooms and Food INCLUDED ! 
  • Whats NOT included: Travel costs, Health and Trip cancellation insurance
  • Earn Affiliate Revenue via Referrals: 15% commission paid
747 eur

  • The balance of payment after the deposit is 1628 eur (or 1248 eur for early bird price or 1034 eur for last minute price). Payments must be completed before the program
  • If you can not complete payments in full before the program, we can workout a financial plan for you thats meets your financial situation.
  • Note that the deposit is NOT refundable as you will be given immediate access to the MODULE 1 Online Teachers Course.
  • If you have already purchased MODULE 1, please let us know and we will deduct the amount from the price for MODULE 2. 
  • If you have already worked with Goran Bogdanovski for at least one year, please let us know. You will be eligible for the reduced price for MODULE 2. 
  • Payment also possible in Bitcoin & Litecoin
  • If PayPal is not an option for you, let us know and we will send you an invoice.   Email us for details:
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Not sure if Dance Improvisation  
Teacher Training is for you? 

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This program is for you if you are: 
  •  New graduate, dancer or choreographer working towards leading and structuring your teachings and looking for dance improvisation know-how or a ready made program to teach.
  •  Dance teacher bored with teaching dance through movement sequences and choreography and want to enhance your curriculum with tools for dance improvisation.
  •  Movement and dance lover or body practitioner who would like to deepen dance improvisation practice and gain teaching skills with concrete tools to share your gifts to others in a more holistic way.
  •  Facilitator, coach or mentor that have an ambition to implement dance improvisation and dance alchemy into own practice, to develop and upgrade your own workshops, sessions, retreats or groups.
  •  The program is not limited only to professionals but everyone invested in personal growth and transformation. 
For those who are just making first efforts in teaching world and for those who are already experienced and advanced teachers, facilitators, coaches, mentors… I develop this Teacher Training that is organized in three modules, easy to understand and can be implemented in any regular practice.
  •  Applicable in all levels of dance teaching career – from first efforts in teaching world to needs of experienced and advanced dance teachers.
  •  Can be applied to students on all levels of understanding dance.
  • Can be applied in any kind of teaching or facilitating situation - dance practice, classes, workshops, retreats, team building, personal growth, dance therapy, etc.
  •   Each module is designed to broaden your knowledge base, develop your teaching capacity, but also raise your physical, mental and emotional levels. 
  •  The program has a holistic concept so it will reinforce your vitality and creativity.

Hi, my name is Goran Bogdanovski
and I'm a founder of Dance Alchemy Teacher Training.
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