DANCE is a natural order of the universe.
ALCHEMY is a process of purification, transformation and creation.
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MODULE 3: Advanced Mentorship Program
  • A fully customisable program to meet your specific needs and goals. 
  •  One-on-one work with Goran Bogdanovski through a series of scheduled Skype or live sessions.
  • Warning: Deciding to have a mentor may transform you in more ways then one!
I will be happy if you will decide to make the commitment for yourself and walk this path with me! During our time together I am making it my personal mission to inspire and empower your skills even more then they already are. I am here to shed some light on your questions, give honest feedback on your ideas and help you develop your dreams into reality. My intention is for our time together be open, honest and clear from beginning to end.

What we talk and do about during these Skype or Live sessions will depend on your needs and goals. 

I can be with your project through to the end,  helping you to integrate Dance Alchemy into your own practice, can brain storm ideas, go over some body-mind-spirit practice, reflect on your recent experiences, go deeper into your thoughts, moving through personal blocks, research different topics together, upgrading your own skills, knowledge and know how, strengthening your business module, establishing a solid Dance Alchemy practice … 
the options are endless! 

I am here to serve and support you ever step of the way. Our time together is confidential and what we talk about will not be repeated elsewhere – unless specified.

Upon committing to these programs please know I am also whole heartedly committed to you! Like everything in life, what you put into theses programs is exactly what you receive from it. When you come with an open mind and willingness to share and are open to do the work, magic can happen! 

I will openly share with you my opinion and knowledge based on 25+ years of experience. This is not a counseling or coaching program but a mentorship program, a platform of support, inspiration and guidance. Please know you will be supported 100%, you will not be judged and you will be respected as the creative individual that you are.

To make the most out of our time together I would strongly suggest to make a note of your questions and ideas and in between our sessions to keep a diary of any emotions which may arise, ideas which may come in or dreams you may have. Creativity comes in many forms and we need to capture it when it is peaking in order to harness it’s power!

I look forward to connect with you, learn more about you and to see how can I help!

Goran Bogdanovski

Goran accepts only a very limited number of new  clients and selects the applicants he feels are the best fit and MOST LIKELY to reach their needs and goals very quickly once they start working with him.

If he can’t help you, he will point you in the direction that will serve your needs, since he has a lot of connections and resources that he has established and cultivated over many years of living and breathing dance around the world.

Goran Bogdanovski works in line with total privacy and no judgements when it comes to your ideas, desires and goals. Goran is highly knowledgeable and intuitive. He loves this work and can’t wait to see you thriving as you refine your passions and bring your dreams to life!

Program is priced according to the personal development program and terms of service outlined in the Development Plan, which is designed free of charge and proposed to the client.
How to Apply for Module 3?
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Be 100% honest - what do you think is stopping you for hitting your goal?
The more specific you are here, the fastest we’ll get your clarity during our call together.

What would be the most important criteria for your success as we work together?
- Deepening the knowledge, refining your teachings & deepening your practice.
- Launching a new service (workshops, classes, retreats…) or revenue stream.
- Becoming a Certificate Dance Improvisation teacher
- Other? What? 

Goran only accept’s very limited number of new clients  to work with, and he select applicants based on those he feel are the best fit and MOST LIKELY to get to their needs and goals as soon as possible from working together.

With that said…

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Goran Bogdanovski

with Goran Bogdanovski

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This program is for you if you are: 
  •  New graduate, dancer or choreographer working towards leading and structuring your teachings and looking for dance improvisation know-how or a ready made program to teach.
  •  Dance teacher bored with teaching dance through movement sequences and choreography and want to enhance your curriculum with tools for dance improvisation.
  •  Movement and dance lover or body practitioner who would like to deepen dance improvisation practice and gain teaching skills with concrete tools to share your gifts to others in a more holistic way.
  •  Facilitator, coach or mentor that have an ambition to implement dance improvisation and dance alchemy into own practice, to develop and upgrade your own workshops, sessions, retreats or groups.
  •  The program is not limited only to professionals but everyone invested in personal growth and transformation. 
For those who are just making first efforts in teaching world and for those who are already experienced and advanced teachers, facilitators, coaches, mentors… I develop this Teacher Training that is organized in three modules, easy to understand and can be implemented in any regular practice.
  •  Applicable in all levels of dance teaching career – from first efforts in teaching world to needs of experienced and advanced dance teachers.
  •  Can be applied to students on all levels of understanding dance.
  • Can be applied in any kind of teaching or facilitating situation - dance practice, classes, workshops, retreats, team building, personal growth, dance therapy, etc.
  •   Each module is designed to broaden your knowledge base, develop your teaching capacity, but also raise your physical, mental and emotional levels. 
  •  The program has a holistic concept so it will reinforce your vitality and creativity.
"As a dance facilitator, I used to teach techniques and sequences (pilates, yoga, contemporary dance, floor work...).  
After finishing the Dance Improvisation Teacher Training, I’m now able to independently pursue my path as a dance teacher and provide a very expansive, unique and authentic practice for my students & clients. I enhanced my creativity and I’m able to navigate the group dynamics through different phases and processes. 
Implementing improvisation tools also helped me in creating my own choreographies and performances.
Goran has a very specific approach as a guide: he’s a hypersensitive, patient, playful and accessible teacher, willing to guide you in whatever direction you propose. He will make you jump into unknown rivers and safely guide you through rough currents. " 
 Sandra Anais (Slovenia)
"I asked Goran for help in creating a format that I can use to start facilitating a group class. He taught me how to structure a dance workshop and gave me some practical tools that I can use in movement improvisation. Most importantly, he created a safe space in which I could dig deep down and explore why I am dancing, where it all comes from and what I want to give to the people in my class. Thinking about all of that gave me more clarity and confidence to step out of my comfort zone.
I facilitated my first dance class a few days ago. Following the 8-step practice gave me a framework to establish a structure, be practical and express my creativity at the same time. The result was that people were amazed by how good my first attempt at teaching was and by the passion I put into it, which made them feel inspired.
I’m grateful to Goran for helping me give life to something I had yearned to do for a long time, but I had a feeling that I wasn’t good enough to do it. " 
 Muriel Juillard, Bali (Indonesia)
“I feel satisfaction from the work we have done. 
The pleasure that comes from being on stage and contact with the audience which is enjoying, 
was a goal for me that we achieved thanks to you.”
Katarzyna Gorczyca (Poland)