DANCE is a natural order of the universe.
ALCHEMY is a process of purification, transformation and creation.
DANCE is a natural order of the universe.
ALCHEMY is a process of purification, transformation and creation.
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  • Develop your art practice, refine your skills and grow your influence as a teacher, facilitator, coach, mentor...
  • Learn to teach the art of dance improvisation in a safe, inspiring and intelligent environment. 
  • Develop your teaching or coaching practice by implementing various tools for improvisation from Solo and Duet, to Contact and Group. 
  • Immerse yourself in first-class artistic experience and learn how to transfer it to your everyday teaching situation.
Simple 8 step structure to shape, organize and lead your workshops, classes, sessions, retreats... Inspire your students - clients to keep them coming back for more! 
70 different modalities, exercises and tools for Dance & Contact Improvisation that can be done by Any-Body regardless of dance background, experience and level of understanding dance.
Applicable in Improvisation practice, Creation, Retreats, Team Building, Personal Growth, Dance Therapy... 
This program is for you if you are: 
  •  New graduate, dancer or choreographer working towards leading and structuring your teachings and looking for dance improvisation know-how or a ready made program to teach.
  •  Dance teacher bored with teaching dance through movement sequences and choreography and want to enhance your curriculum with tools for dance improvisation.
  •  Movement and dance lover or body practitioner who would like to deepen dance improvisation practice and gain teaching skills with concrete tools to share your gifts to others in a more holistic way.
  •  Facilitator, coach or mentor that have an ambition to implement dance improvisation and dance alchemy into own practice, to develop and upgrade your own workshops, sessions, retreats or groups.
  • The program is not limited only to professionals but everyone invested in personal growth and transformation. 
For those who are just making first efforts in teaching world and for those who are already experienced and advanced teachers, facilitators, coaches, mentors… I develop this Teacher Training that is organized in three modules, easy to understand and can be implemented in any regular practice.
  •   Each module is designed to broaden your knowledge base, develop your teaching capacity, but also raise your physical, mental and emotional levels. 
  •  The program has a holistic concept so it will reinforce your vitality and creativity.
MODULE 1: Online Teacher Training Course
  • Video tools library: unlimited 24/7 access to 70 exercises & tools for dance improvisation, each accompanied with tutorials. 
  • Simple 8 step structure to shape, organise and lead your workshops, classes, sessions, retreats... 
  •  Community membership: a closed Facebook group enables discussions, sharing and learning in a group of professionals from all over the world.
  •  Mentors support: available daily in closed FB group & one consulting Skype session per year.
 The Module 1 offers the most comprehensive online dance improvisation education and training that we know. 
Work at your own pace, pause for a while, implement some of the magic and get back to the course for more.
MODULE 2: Intensive Teacher Training
  • 3 weeks of Intensive training organised twice a year in Bali or in Slovenia; includes direct work with Goran Bogdanovski on subjects as Techniques and Modalities of Dance & Contact Improvisation, Teaching Methodology, Body-Mind-Emotion Connection, Dance Alchemy, Physiology, Ethics, & Lifestyle, Group Practicum, Teaching Skills, Presentation Skills and Economic Sustainability. 
  •   MODULE 1: Online Teachers Course included! 
  •  Certificate Dance Improvisation Teacher
  •   Earn Affiliate Revenue via Referrals

3-23 August 2019  + 2 days VIP optional: 24-25 August

The number of places is limited to 12 people. 

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MODULE 3: Advanced  Mentorship Program
  • A fully customisable program to meet your specific needs and goals. 
  •  One-on-one work with Goran Bogdanovski through a series of scheduled Skype or live sessions.
  • Warning: Deciding to have a mentor may transform you in more ways then one!
The program was created by Goran Bogdanovski, who has lived and breathed dance professionally since 1990. 
He has danced for more than seventy different choreographers and directors in the field of performing arts, moving from classical ballet to martial arts, 
from modern to contemporary dance and contact improvisation, 
from physical theatre to film and from meditation to improvisation. 
With his own dance company, he choreographed performances and toured extensively in 23 countries. He ran dance studios, festivals, platforms and networks.
For the last twelve years, he has been teaching dance improvisation worldwide
 in the form of trainings, classes, master classes, workshops, research projects, coaching, mentoring, retreats and journeys.  
Not sure if Dance Improvisation  
Teacher Training is for you? 

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"As a dance facilitator, I used to teach techniques and sequences (pilates, yoga, contemporary dance, floor work...).  
After finishing the Dance Improvisation Teacher Training, I’m now able to independently pursue my path as a dance teacher and provide a very expansive, unique and authentic practice for my students & clients. I enhanced my creativity and I’m able to navigate the group dynamics through different phases and processes. 
Implementing improvisation tools also helped me in creating my own choreographies and performances.
Goran has a very specific approach as a guide: he’s a hypersensitive, patient, playful and accessible teacher, willing to guide you in whatever direction you propose. He will make you jump into unknown rivers and safely guide you through rough currents. " 
 Sandra Anais (Slovenia)
"I asked Goran for help in creating a format that I can use to start facilitating a group class. He taught me how to structure a dance workshop and gave me some practical tools that I can use in movement improvisation. Most importantly, he created a safe space in which I could dig deep down and explore why I am dancing, where it all comes from and what I want to give to the people in my class. Thinking about all of that gave me more clarity and confidence to step out of my comfort zone.
I facilitated my first dance class a few days ago. Following the 8-step practice gave me a framework to establish a structure, be practical and express my creativity at the same time. The result was that people were amazed by how good my first attempt at teaching was and by the passion I put into it, which made them feel inspired.
I’m grateful to Goran for helping me give life to something I had yearned to do for a long time, but I had a feeling that I wasn’t good enough to do it. " 
 Muriel Juillard, Bali (Indonesia)
“I feel satisfaction from the work we have done. 
The pleasure that comes from being on stage and contact with the audience which is enjoying, 
was a goal for me that we achieved thanks to you.”
Katarzyna Gorczyca (Poland)
Simple 8 step structure to shape, organize and lead your classes, workshops, sessions, retreats ... 
1. Creating a safe space & Opening of the session & Setting up rules
2. Ways of establishing quick trust, connection, playfulness and flow in the group
3. Warming up the body and lifting up the energy and spirit
4. Core energy activation
5. ...
Defining the purpose and goals of your teaching.
Ask yourself: 
- What do I want to do? 
- What will participants get out of this session, class, workshop…?  
- They will learn …what? 
- They will feel …how? 
- They will realize …what? 
- They will transform …what? 
- Where do I want to lead people? 
- ...
Improvisation is scary, but once you give it a try, you realize it’s the best thing that ever:)
Dance improvisation is the process of spontaneously creating movement. Development of improvised movement material is facilitated through a variety of creative explorations including ... 
Implementing Dance Improvisation for Dance, Creation, Retreats, Team building, Dance therapy, Personal growth... 
Really, how we can do that? 
Have you heard about Jacques Rancière’s concept of "The Ignorant Schoolmaster", which follows the needs of the participants and adapts with changes in the environment? 
Do you know how we use our INSTINCT to make clear DECISIONS? 
Do you know how we use our INSTINCT to make clear DECISIONS in Duet or Contact Dance Improvisation? What is happening between two people in a highly intensive field where decisions and reactions are happening?

We all know that decisions from instinct and intuition are much faster and precise than decisions coming only from the mind, which we first analyze, calculate the possible outcomes of and then make actions from. 

There is an exercise in Dance Improvisation I call DECIDE-RESPOND, that connect instinct and mind while, at the same time, being aware of the emotions that each decision or reaction is bringing up ...

Why is it sometimes happening that, when you think you are LEADING, nobody FOLLOWS you?
I want to share with you one exercise I use in dance improvisation (duets, contact, group) & dance alchemy trainings…

I use the “Leading/Following” tool as a space tool, to take your partner or a group with you through space into your proposals clear to their partners in a kinetic and imaginative sense. This tool is also very applicable and useful in daily and work situations, because it works on same principles. 

We start by walking through the space, either leading or following others. Throughout exercise we observe how we can lead people and groups without words? How to take leadership? How we are following? Where is this awareness inside of us?

How do we perceive movement and the flow inside and outside of us? 
All the movement and flow inside of us, on the physical, mental and emotional levels, or outside of us in the world and in the universe … are all running on these 3 basic qualities. 

The 1st movement quality and the most natural movement is the Circular–Rounded–Spiral…movement of the body, or even on smaller scale, on a molecular level, or on a larger scale, like galaxies and universe. 

The opposite of this quality is Architectural movement, which means that it comes from the mind, it’s constructed by ourselves, it’s predicted. So, what we make in our life is usually architectural, because it’s mind driven. 

The 2nd movement quality is ...  
3 weeks Teachers Training program in BALI? Let's Go:)
3 weeks working on subjects as Techniques of Dance & Contact improvisation, Teaching Methodology, Body-Mind-Emotion Connection, Physiology, Ethics, & Lifestyle, Group Practicum, Teaching Skills, Presentation Skills and Economic Sustainability. 

Certificate Dance Alchemy Teacher, Extensive Online Course & Accommodation Included!

Deadline for application:
 8. November 2018!
Who said that?
I thought it was Albert Einstein. That's what mr. Google is saying:) 

But it turned out that it was Marta Graham in the essay from 1953... 

I believe that we learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same. In each, it is the performance of a dedicated precise set of acts, physical or intellectual, from which comes shape of achievement, a sense of one's being, a satisfaction of spirit. One becomes, in some area, an athlete of God.

Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired...
The 4 Rules That Will Get You Through Your First Contact Improv Class
I found this 4 rules in the article of Garnet Henderson in Dance Magazine. Experienced practitioners of contact improvisation appear to float through the air and move through the most daring positions with ease. Those new to the form, on the other hand, often feel awkward and impatient. Some dancers hesitate, worried they will hurt their partner by giving them too much weight. Others move too quickly, trying for impressive lifts without laying the proper groundwork. Having spent so much of their training focused on aesthetics, many dancers struggle to stop fixating on what their movement looks like. But just like any other form of dance, contact improvisation skills can be developed with practice and the right approach...
How to remove fear of giving & taking the weight in Contact Improvisation & working with the weight a safe way … 
I use this exercise for CI beginners to tackle the mental limitation we usually encounter in Contact Improvisation when we start to work with a full weight. 

This exercise guides participants to shift their perception of the weight, to remove the fear of taking and giving the weight, pouring, distributing … 

 Once this exercise was clear, participants could also develop a contact dance inside of this simple principle. Dance in this exercise is in a space between invitation and acceptance, where communication is happening. 
Sometimes Sexuality arises during Contact Improvisation, 
and people get confused and afraid…
Everything is connected with your mind, body and feelings. If your mind is already thinking that something is wrong and labelling it as sexual, you’ll influence your feelings to go in this direction. 

But when your mind calms down, and you are pure in your communication and dance, then for sure no single part in your mind or in your body is going to be desired. You need to make a difference between the mind and the feelings. If you feel someone, that means no desire. But when you think about someone as, e.g., handsome, sexy… then for sure there is some desire. It’s only about balancing between the mind and feelings, because ...
Applying Dance Improvisation tool to daily situation...
Goran, I just report quickly that you “saved” my life yesterday :) 
I was on a 10 km long walk through the deep and very soft (!) sea mud and water in the north of the Netherlands, crossing the seafloor to the island of Ameland. At first, I thought that I would be stuck in that mud, and caught by a tide that can come very quickly and forcefully. I was on the tail of the column running out of power, and I was falling behind more and more. Then I remembered your instructions and focused on breathing, forgotten myself and my fears, stopped thinking about how much time and the path was before me, and if would not be better to turn around... 
Suddenly ...

Breathing as carrier of the awareness
Every human being is making 23.000 breaths per day. How many breaths are we aware of during the day? We all know that being inside of your breathing is a key to being present, being connected with yourself, body, mind, emotions … a key to mindfulness. A key to meditation. A key to dance. A key to performing. A key to improvisation… … and of course a key to live your life at your full potential. 

But how to breathe? 
Breath control or breath liberation?
How to get into the presence? 

They all teach us meditation or yoga… but sometimes, for contemporary man/woman, and especially for dancers, being still and sitting in meditation is very difficult.

Therefor I have been experimenting with different breathing methods ...   
Dance is a Natural order of the Unvirese
Through Dance you can expand your Consciousness and open a space where Body, Mind, Emotions 
and Spirit, can enter on same level. 

When you open enough through Movement, the Energy is activated.

Energy is Movement and Movement is Energy. 

Dance is the Movement of the Energy through the Body, Expressing certain Emotions,  Thoughts,  States ... 
s nd if they openes, the energy starts to move strongly and quickly through it. 

Your Biochemistry starts strongly to be Altered... the Brain waves are Atlering... and the level of Physical and Mental Consciousness 
Increase greatly!  You ENTER into ...
The only thing we truly own in this life is … ?
Today I woke up with a question in my mind: What do we really own in this life?

We get so caught up in our ideas of what we own, think we own, or are afraid to lose, and we get especially caught up into obsessing about what we want to own next. We have this notion that our owner status is a source of security, when more often it’s a massive source of delusion, anxiety and stress. 

We really are just here for a short period of time....

Hi, my name is Goran Bogdanovski
and I'm a founder of Dance Improvisation Teacher Training. 

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